Why should my company get ZARScore

ZARScore not only calculates your score for you, it also shows you exactly how much you need to spend to achieve your target score.

From telling you exactly how many Coloured Males you need in Middle Management, to showing you exactly how much money you need to spend on training for African Females to maximise your score, every indicator and target is calculated for you.

Depending on which package you choose, you can create numerous scenarios, seeing how your score will be affected by every possible change that you could make.

You can even upload all your documentation relating to your B-BBEE audit, having it all in one place, which means no searching for all the required evidence when the audit day comes.

If this is all too in depth for you and you actually just want to see your score – that is fine too – pick the basic package and stick to the essentials.

When should my company get ZARScore?

Probably right now ZARScore is a monthly subscription, which means that you can use it simply to ensure you are on track in the months leading up to verification, or continually to monitor progress and create targets which your company wants to achieve.

How does ZARScore work?

ZARScore is simple. There are 3 packages depending on your needs. You simply input your information, either manually or via a bulk upload, and your score is calculated! You can create various scorecards, should you wish to do a monthly check for example, and have as many users access the system as you need, at no extra cost.

What if I don’t know anything about B-BBEE?

This is the beauty of the system – if you have access to all the information required to calculate a score, you don’t need to know anything about B-BBEE. The system does all the hard work for you. It takes all your company information, does the intricate B-BBEE calculations in the background, and tells you what your score is.

The calculations programmed into the system are based on input from B-BBEE specialists with years of experience in the field, feedback from various leading Verification Agencies, and of course official notices by the Department of Trade & Industry, SANAS (the accreditation agency for B-BBEE Verification Agencies), and the B-BBEE Commissioner.

Mpowered stays up to date with all the latest developments so that you don’t have to.

Should you feel that you would like to sharpen your B-BBEE knowledge we offer various training solutions, from in depth training on the Codes, to a beginners course that will teach you the basics.

But I already know how B-BBEE works, why would I need a calculator?

Let’s face it – B-BBEE is difficult. It takes time. It requires a lot of effort.

Even if you are someone who understands the Codes, the calculations, and the pitfalls of B-BBEE, the benefit of a small monthly fee for a calculator far outweighs the cost of your time in doing everything yourself. Not to mention the pressure that will be taken off your shoulders by the fact that you will no longer have to double check your calculations and stay up to date with the latest developments.

I am not a “computer person”, will this work for me?

One of the most common comments received from our clients is “This is such a user-friendly system”. And it truly is.

Even if you are “technologically challenged”, if you can follow some simple steps and have the information required to calculate a score, this will work.

Additional items which will assist in your user experience include:

  • User guides on our website which explain the process in detail, step by step.
  • Monthly live and interactive webinars presented by a B-BBEE expert and one of our Solution Centre Team members, which take you through the system from logging on, to uploading information, to having your final score calculated.
  • Live chat support, which takes you to a B-BBEE specialist who will respond to your query within 20 seconds and assist you with whatever is required.

I don’t have time to sit and type in information, how time consuming will this be?

The system is based on two basic principles: Upload your information “manually” or do a “bulk upload”. Manually would entail a one by one typing in process, which would only be used to add one new employee for example. The bulk upload is a spreadsheet template which you can copy and paste your existing information into and upload onto the system in a very short amount of time.

Once your information is in the system, you can copy the existing information into a new scorecard – for example where you would like to do a quarterly scorecard and you simply need to add new information to existing information. You can even choose to copy some elements of the scorecard and leave out others.

Still not 100% convinced? Well how about we show you.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. You can sign up for a free trail and use the system for 30 days. This “demo” version is the same as the paid version, so you will know exactly what to expect. Plus you will not need to provide your credit card details in order to sign up.

Once you have used the system and experienced the benefits first-hand you will not want to leave.