How ZARScore helps companies reduce the cost of B-BBEE compliance

Calculate your B-BBEE scorecard and get ready to start your scorecard verification. Sign-up for a 30 day free trial.

ZARScore is a combination of B-BBEE experts and software. Access your online scorecard calculator and gap analysis anytime.

Our team of B-BBEE experts are on-hand to answer your daily B-BBEE questions via email, phone or LiveChat.

Upload all your evidence into your online calculator and get ready for a digital B-BBEE scorecard verification.

B-BBEE rating agencies thatdigitise scorecard verifications to save you time and money.

ZARScore supports you from start to finish

The ZARScore team helps you gather and upload the data you need to calculate your B-BBEE scorecard. Our B-BBEE experts are available to help you each step of the way.

You get 24/7 access to your B-BBEE scorecard, gap analysis, scenarios and implementation plan. See what each point will cost you.

Upload your evidence for each scorecard element and digitally prepare your company for scorecard verification. Our verification agency partners verify BeagleScore scorecards digitally.

Many of South Africa’s leadingB-BBEE consulting firms trust and use our softwareon a daily basis.

Why choose BeagleScore?

ZARScore is a simplified version of the best B-BBEE software in the market, Mpowered’s BEEtoolkit.

You get virtual access to the same level of B-BBEE expertise that some of the country’s largest organisations have come to trust and rely on every day. You get to attend our regular virtual education and training sessions, just like the big guys.

BeagleScore automatically checks and populates the B-BBEE compliance information on your suppliers that have certificates uploaded in ZARScore, the country’s largest B-BBEE database.

Only pay for what you need

ZARScore is offered in different packages. We let companies decide for themselves what they are prepared to pay for, when.

Select a ZARScore package that meets your business needs and budget. Upgrade to a premium package as and when required.

ZARScore is flexible and configurable. Add extra consulting or support services onto any ZARScore subscription option. Why pay for expensive retainers when you can pay less for ZARScore?

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